2017 Visiting Artists


David Alpert – Producer, Capture
Rodney Ascher
 – Director, Primal Screen
Jason Blum – Producer, Stephanie
Alex Cannon – Co-writer, I Want You Inside Me
Clay McLeod Chapman – Creator, Pumpkin Pie Show
Brandon Christensen – Director, Still/Born
Robin Comisar – Director, Great Choice
Roger Corman – Master of Horror
Anthony Cousins – Director, When Susurrus Stirs
Rachel Eisengart – Editor, Capture
Joshua Erkman – Director, Sound of Blue, Green, and Red, The
Larry Fessenden – Writer/Director, Tales from Beyond the Pale
William Frank – Producer, Psychopaths
Mick Garris – Moderator, Master of Horror
Akiva Goldsman – Director, Stephanie
Annie Lesser – Director and creator, The Chalet
Natalia Liete – Director, MFA
Chris McInroy – Director, Death Metal
Glenn McQuaid – Writer/Director, Tales from Beyond the Pale
Colin Minihan – Producer, Still/Born
Taneli Mustonen – Director, Lake Bodom
Joshua Randall – Director and creator, Blackout
Dylan Reiff – Director & Designer, Immersive Horror Game
Mia Riverton – Actor, Capture
James Roland – Creator/Co-Executive Producer, Blood Drive
Secret Screening Director – Director, Secret Screening
Mark Shapiro – Head of Marketing, Laika
David Straiton – Director, Blood Drive
Don Swaynos – Director, Don’t Ever Change
Kristjan Thorgeirsson – Director and creator, Blackout
Matthew Wallace – Producer, Don’t Ever Change
Sam Zimmerman – Actor, Psychopaths

2017 Jury


Eric Kohn is the New York-based Deputy Editor & Chief Critic at Indiewire, where he has worked since 2007. In addition to overseeing operations for IndieWire’s New York film team, he reviews numerous films throughout the year, oversees festival strategy and reports on the industry. Kohn travels to film festivals around the globe, interviews filmmakers and managed IndieWire’s network for professional film critics, the Criticwire Network. He also launched the Critics Academy initiative, a series of educational workshops for aspiring entertainment journalists, and teaches film criticism at NYU. Prior to joining IndieWire, Eric contributed to The New York Times and other outlets. He is the editor of “Harmony Korine: Interviews,” published by the University of Mississippi Press in 2014. Prior to joining Indiewire, Eric contributed to The New York Times and other outlets. He is the 2017 chairman of the New York Film Critics Circle and a member of the jury for Critics Week at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Follow him @erickohn.


Alicia Malone is a film reporter, film critic, TV host, writer, and all around movie geek. She has appeared as a film expert on CNN, Access Hollywood, E!, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, MTV and more. Currently she is a host on FilmStruck, a cinephile subscription service run by Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection, and she is also the creator and host of Fandango’s Indie Movie Guide.

Sam Zimmerman was a teenage werewolf. He is now the Curator of Shudder.


Rodney Ascher is an American filmmaker living in Los Angeles California. He is known for his documentaries Room 237 and The Nightmare and his short The S From Hell.




Meredith Borders is the Editorial Director of the Alamo Drafthouse, BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. and Fantastic Fest. She’s also a regular contributor to the pop culture blog FOREVER YOUNG ADULT. She and her husband own a brewpub, City Acre Brewing, in Houston, Texas.



In between producing films, Peter Kuplowsky‘s appetite for genre and outsider cinema is fed curating FANTASTIC FEST’s short film sidebars and TIFF’s MIDNIGHT MADNESS program.